City Looks to Re-apply for RAISE Grant in April 2022

Peyton Haug
2 min readMar 29, 2022


Proposals to continue infrastructure improvements in the Lincoln Park Neighborhoods remain unanimously approved on the City Council’s agenda, as of their meeting on Mon., March 28.

One item in particular is looking to update West Superior Street, between Michigan and Carlton Streets in the Lincoln Park neighborhoods.

via the City of Duluth website

The grant would allow reconstruction of all underground utilities and bring in new sidewalks and pedestrian ramps, micro-mobility accommodations, bus stops, street lights, plantings and other amenities, according to the legislation details found under file number 22–0259R on the meeting’s agenda.

“Community-driven” is how the design process would be conducted, according to the city’s website.

“I really hope there is an emphasis on the community if [the grant] is awarded to the city. For people who live on the Westside, we are tired of seeing developments that are tailored to tourism only.” said Joe Durall, who lives on the western-most stretch of East Superior street.

Looking at the city’s official map of development happenings, the majority of projects seen in West Duluth are along Superior Street. Whereas, projects on the Eastside are more evenly dispersed throughout the radius of the neighborhoods.

Funded by the Department of Transportation, the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity or RAISE grant was developed under the Biden Administration’s Bipartisan Infrastructure law.

The purpose of the $1.2 billion infrastructure budget is to aid neighborhoods with historically marginalized and low-income populations in improving the physical aspects of the area.

During his speech in Superior in early March, President Joe Biden said:

“We’ll do it to withstand the devastating effects of the climate and to promote environmental justice in the process.”

In April of 2022, the council will officially re-apply for the $25 million federal RAISE grant after not being selected for funding in July of 2021. If the city receives the grant, construction is projected to begin in 2026, after the design and engineering process.



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